Painting Services

Painting Services

Many people know it’s time to get a painting job after construction work, remodeling, or when an existing building paint starts to peel off or fade. It’s no brainer!

But not many property owners know how and where to find good painters, making them worry about getting into the wrong hands.

Here at PS Handyman, we are a professional painting contractor with years of experience delivering impeccable services into the hands of Singapore customers.

When you choose us, you can be confident that your project and property is in the right hands

Leave us a message today whether for more information or to request a service visit. Our experts will be glad to handle your painting or repainting job.

New Painting Works For Customers In Singapore

Just completed a new house and you’re looking to paint the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, entryway, or even the entire building?

Are you moving into a new apartment and need the existing painting work updated?

Or do you have an office space you want to give a new touch of paint to reflect your brand image?

Regardless of the need, you can count on the expertise, training, and experience of the service professionals at PS Handyman to get the job done right the first time.

With all the necessary prep work and steps cleared out of the way, our painters will arrive at your location ASAP and get the job started and done.

Need some painting work done? Call us now at PS Handyman for a brief description of your project and to get an instant quote for the project.

Repaint A Fading Paint In Singapore

One of the signs indicating you need to repaint a property is fading paintwork. Over time, a building’s paint will start to fade off as the sun beats down against it.

Even for exterior surfaces with shade or tree protection and interior spaces where sun effect is minimal or non-existent, sooner or later they’ll need to be repainted for beauty, curb appeal, or property damage prevention.

Need a painting service? Call the experts at PS Handyman to discover how quickly and professionally we can add a brand new coat of paint to your property.

Why Choose PS Handyman

As mentioned earlier, it can be hard and overwhelming finding a qualified painter, as there are lots of painting contractors out there. Maybe you’ve even been searching online for “painters in my Singapore location” lately or asking friends and family for recommendations.

Instead of wasting time looking online or asking around for recommendations and referrals, simply contact PS Handyman for quick and efficient services.

During a consultation call, we’ll listen to your needs and help make sure you choose the right options available. We can, for example, help you decide on a paint color to use if you’re yet to select one. Selecting a color might sound simple enough but it’s often not as there are seemingly endless options available.

On the actual day of painting, we’ll prep the space needing to be painted, including the floor and furniture, as well as the walls so everything looks professional after the painting work is completed.

Want to know more about our painting solution and processes? Give us a call today!


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