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Handyman Plumbing Solutions

Do you have a broken toilet, damaged water faucet, or leaky pipe you want fixed but you’re not impressed by the price quoted by a specialist? You can turn to our handyman service for your plumbing needs.

Without compromising on quality, you’ll get your job done at a reduced fee compared to what a specialist would charge. Choosing us to do the job also means you’ll be getting on-time service delivery.

See our handyman plumbing solutions page for more information.

Commercial Services

Do you have some electrical wires with peeled insulation? Do you have a problematic electrical switch or outlet? Instead of calling a specialist and getting exorbitant rates, let one of our handymen come to help you.

You can literarily request a service visit today and get the issues fixed the same day.

Our handyman services go beyond minor electrical repairs or fixing. Even for major electrical installation services, you can count on the training and expertise of our competent service personnel. 

See our handyman electrical service page for more information.

Aircon Service

If your aircon needs to be rid of dust and dirt, requires a chemical wash, or needs any other maintenance work, PS Handyman is the right service provider to call. With years or even months of use, your air conditioner unit can start to act up and may need urgent attention. 

To make sure the issue is rectified quickly without any delay, use our handyman service today. For more information about aircon solutions, check out this page.

Painting Service

Need to change the paint on your doors or interior walls to match your new interior layout? Do you have a wall with peeling paint you want repainted? 

Contact us at PS Handyman for a service visit to get the job done. Our professionals can handle fresh painting jobs, even help you choose from the seemingly overwhelming color options out there.

Check out our Handyman Painting Solutions to learn more about how we can help you.

Locksmith & Door Repair Services

Whether you’re locked out of your house, office space, or car, you can call us for a handyman locksmith so you can get back into your investment.

Even we’re available for roadside assistance service during times when you misplace your car key in a parking lot or at the roadside. Our mobile and emergency locksmith solutions will get you the needed help fast.

Say no more to hours of waiting for a specialist to come to attend to you. We’ll send you a competent handyman to come assist you with whatever key or lock help you need.

Need to repair your home or business door hinges or need other repairs done on your doors, just request a service call.

See our handyman locksmith & door repair service solutions page for further information on how we can help.

Assembly, Dismantle & Disposal

Moving is an essential part of our lives. Sometimes, we move to a new house, another apartment, or move our business operations to another location. In times like these, you can count on the efforts and skills of our skilled handyman workers to take apart or dismantle items that are no longer needed and dispose of them. Further, we’ll help you disassemble appliances, furniture, and other stuff that needs to be, so everything can easily be moved to the new location. After reaching the new location, we’ll help install and assemble all your furniture and belongings so you can resume your daily business or family routines. For more information about our assembly, dismantle, & disposal service, check out this page.

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