Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Do you need cable wiring for your living room, kitchen, entertainment area, or basement? Are you looking for a ceiling fan installation? Would you like to have outdoor or pool lighting? Do you need other outlet repair or installation?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then give PS Handyman a call right away. We not only provide these mentioned services but also handle, as part of our extensive range of electrical services, electrical system maintenance and inspection, emergency repair works, electrical troubleshooting, to mention a few.

Just contact us when you need a minor or major electrical repair, installation, or replacement project done in your business or home.

Our Comprehensive Electrical Solutions Include:

  • A variety of electrical installations, including ceiling fan, water heater system, and many other installations.
  • Repair works, including emergency ones, in areas such as the lighting, electrical appliances, and air conditioning.
  • Wiring systems inspections for damaged wires, faulty components, and units that need replacements.
  • Electrical system upgrades, such as installing new wires and receptacles.

Unmatched Electrical Services

Two of the many reasons we’re the go-to expert for many customers in Singapore are our respect for clients’ homes and the high standard of work we bring to the table.

When you contact us, we’ll listen to your needs and electrical requirements, providing expert recommendations where necessary.

When we come into your home or business promise for the actual work, we also show respect by not messing with your property or leaving something behind messy. Thanks to our trained and trusted service professionals.

Well Done Job by Professional

Be rest assured of a safely done work anytime you use PS Handyman. This is because our service people have needed training in addition to their skills and work experience.

Not sure if we can help you with your electrical systems? Give us a call at PS Handyman for more information and you’ll be wowed!

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